Anza Mulovhedzi: Catering to your meal prepping needs

If meal prepping for the week ahead fills you with dread or you love a home cooked meal but your schedule doesn’t allow for any cooking, then consider Seasoned Meals, a meal prepping company run by 21-year old cook Anza Mulovhedzi.

Seasoned Meals also caters for corporates and any other special events requested by clients. Anza says what differentiates her company from others is the affordability of her packages and the fact that her menu is open allowing clients to choose meals which are tailored to them and easy on the pocket.


Since launching the business she says she has received great feedback from people who see a need for the concept. Anza plans to expand the business and employ a team of people who are able to work independently to make Seasoned Meals a success.

She may young but her belief in her business is unshakeable. She had this piece of advice for others like her, “… no matter how many different brilliant ideas you may have, the best thing you can do for yourself is to try and try and try!” All the best Anza.

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