Marcia Notshe: She’s Au Naturel

Meet 34-year-old mom of two Marcia Notshe, the owner and creator of Zoya Naturals. When Marcia and her family moved to South Korea for two years, she discovered that the beauty-obsessed country had no products that she could use for her hair. So she began mixing oils and butters to create a product that she could use for her and her daughter’s kinky curly hair.

What followed was mounds of research and the result was a product that could stand on its own as a business. When Marcia relocated back to Johannesburg, she started selling her hair custard to family and friends and that is how Zoya Naturals was born.


Today that nourishing hair custard is the company’s flagship product. Zoya Naturals’ products, which are eco-friendly and perfect for natural hair, can be found on the company’s online shop The company has grown steadily since its launch in 2016 to establish a loyal customer base and plans to extend its reach and offering in 2018.

Just take a chance on yourself. Learn what you need to in order to take the next step, then take it and rinse and repeat.

Marcia hopes to create a lifestyle brand that becomes a significant voice in elevating the African hair care experience. “We (black women) deserve innovation and great service and we would love to be a part supplying that.”

In Marcia’s words, “take a chance on yourself” and you may be surprised by the brilliance that sits within you. We’re inspired by Marcia to Reach Higher!


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