Mpumi and Bukwase Mgidlana: Celebrating the strength of women

Meet cousins Mpumi and Bukwase Mgidlana, the creators of apparel brand Zintle Iintokazi. Inspired by a similar movement in the US, they decided to start their own movement that highlights the incredible strength of African women.

They want us to start looking to local heroines as role models. Their company, which is still in its infancy, prints power slogans on round-neck t-shirts for men and women. Their t-shirts have been so popular that the demand has often outstripped supply.


They plan to expand their product range with items that are in line with their mission. The duo’s t-shirts have taken the country by storm and they are excited about new opportunities. This was their lesson they took from their business venture: “Don’t rush to get into business. There are good and bad days, but on the bad days remember the good ones, this will keep you going.”

Try saving as much as you can independently before approaching people for funding. People are more likely to meet you half way when you show interest by saving first.

Mpumi and Bukwase keep pushing, your breakthrough is on the horizon!


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Let’s get straight to the point: this @z_iintokazi t-shirt is a must have! ✊✨ 🌝: @s_dunster 💛

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