Randy Lamfel: Introducing SA’s Doctor Motivation

Randy Lamfel is a medical doctor, female reproductive health activist and self-proclaimed ‘Doctor Motivation’. We caught up with her about her journey thus far

Who is Randy?

Randy Lamfel is a 30-year-old medical doctor practicing community service in Mpumalanga.

She is a WITS University alumni and was awarded Golden Key membership for academics at Wits and Honorary Golden key membership at UJ in 2017 for epitomising their values of innovation, diversity, and overall excellence to name a few.

She’s also chairperson of Young MD Cultivate 2018 — a mentorship programme (the first of its kind) for medical doctors aimed at creating holistic doctors who are advocates for change in our challenging public health care system. 

She is a YouTube fanatic, who calls herself Doctor Motivation with her own YouTube channel where she posts short impactful motivational videos aimed at people who strive to be game-changers and the best versions of themselves. She’s also a panel member of the Unsed Africa a platform for young Africans to discuss important relevant topics and challenges we face daily that are considered taboo and not always discussed in the media.

She is a motivational speaker and MC in her spare time. She also loves reading from her home library and never passes the opportunity to move to a beat.

What inspired you to go into your field of work?

I had a major passion for children and so I wanted to become a school teacher but as I went to high school I completely fell in love with biology and I wanted to combine my passion for children with the sciences. I then decided to go into medicine to become a “baby doctor”/paediatrician.

Both my parents always had a dream of having one of their children become a doctor, whether that influenced my decision or not, we’ll never know.

What have been the highlights and low lights of your journey? 

Low lights: realising that where you’re going, you can’t take everyone with you. Some people are only meant to journey with you for a limited time. Letting friends go has been tough.

Highlights: setting goals and smashing them one by one against all odds. Persistently defeating the status quo. 

What impact would you like to make?

INSPIRE … I would love to inspire people to push against all the limitations placed on them and to achieve beyond what is deemed possible!

What are your hopes? How do you want to be remembered?

I want to be remembered as a joyful soul who always inspired and motivated those around her.

I hope to be blessed enough to be a blessing to thousands of people around the world.

Is there anything else you want people to know about you?

I consider my superpower to be versatility as I manage to mold into whichever role I’m given. 

What is your advice to young South Africans?

Do hard things because hard things then become easy and before you know it, the impossible becomes possible.

Instagram: @randylamfel

Facebook: Doctor Motivation-Live Free With Randy Lamfel




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