Stella Ciolli: A business with a conscience

Meet Stella Ciolli, the founder of Skoon Skincare. Skoon was inspired by an article Stella read many years ago which said that on average a woman will host 515 toxic ingredients on her body through the chemicals found in her cosmetics. There and then the idea for Skoon, which means ‘clean’ in Afrikaans, was born.


The company’s guiding principles are consciousness and kindness and its products are formulated with a ‘clean, clear conscience’. Founded in 2015, Skoon’s range of facial and body care products contain a variety of ‘pure plant oils, rich nut butters, exquisite floral essences and botanical extracts sourced from all over the world’.

There’s no right or wrong way to use SKOON. Just add a few drops of one or more of SKOON concentrates to your SKOON moisturiser, and mix it in your palm.

The brand even has a ‘make it yours’ range, which allows consumers to mix their own concentrates. The company’s goal is to educate women about their skin and offer them a natural, non-toxic brand. The Stellenbosch-based company is led by a team of 9 strong women and plans to go worldwide by the end of 2018. Support this innovative proudly South African brand here

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