Thokozane Dyosini: An education game changer

This is 27-year-old Soweto-born academic Thokozane Dyosini, whose long list of accomplishments defy her young age. She holds a Masters degree in Education from Wits University, is a Ph.D. candidate in the department of Educational Leadership, Management and Policy and she’s also an associate lecturer at Wits in the Foundation Phase Studies department.

She stumbled into the teaching profession when she didn’t meet the criteria for the course she applied for and ended up choosing to teach – a field in which she is now in her element. “I am now purposefully and intentionally living and working in my calling,” says Thokozane.


On her blog Teaching With Teeks she shares her experiences as a teacher and how to make the teaching and learning process more stimulating. She also started a motivational campaign called #SeeYouAtGraduation that encourages graduates to work towards their goal of graduating by sharing their academic journeys on social media. The campaign has caught on and is now a movement in its own right, selling branded mugs and helping students with the resources they need to eventually graduate. 

Thokozane wants to be an education game changer by developing and implementing strategies that will improve South Africa’s education system. She hopes to be remembered as someone who fiercely chased her dreams and open doors for others coming behind her.

This was her advice: “You don’t have to become an academic to do great things, find your passion and consistently follow it with intention.” Thokozane is dynamite and we’re inspired by her to Reach Higher!

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