Thulile Khanyile: Championing a culture of ‘technopreneurs’

This is academic and social entrepreneur Thulile Khanyile, the co-founder and chief operations officer at Nka’Thuto Education Propeller – a non-profit organisation. The 30-year old KwaZulu-Natal native lecturer and Ph.D. candidate at Wits University is passionate about education as her impressive track record shows.

She holds a BTech degree in Biotechnology and a Masters degree in Molecular Medicine and Haematology from the Tshwane University of Technology. Her passion lies in creating and transferring knowledge within the medical science space as well as growing the culture of technology entrepreneurs or technopreneurs.


Nka’Thuto Edu Propeller teaches kids from previously disadvantaged schools research methodology and entrepreneurship skills with the aim of finding solutions in their communities using innovation, science, technology, engineering and mathematics (iSTEM) principles.

The hope is that this will inspire a generation of youth who are ‘technopreneurially’ minded, she says. “The idea is to groom leaders that want to take the turn and rise of the South African economy in their hands.”

Identify a problem that affects you directly, create a solution for it and see just how many other people need the same solution!

Thulile believes in the power of education and through her work with Nka’Thuto she is using it to change lives and fulfill her destiny. She is a leader and trailblazer of note.

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