Tiffany Lekuku: Blogging with a difference

Introducing Tiffany Lekuku, the 24-year-old Zimbabwean-born adventurous spirit behind As Told By Tiffany. The lifestyle blogger started out writing for another publication until she decided she wanted to build her own brand.

As Told By Tiffany targets young people navigating their way through life’s ups and downs and Tiffany says she especially wants to reach people who are curious and hungry to better themselves. Her content aims to be relatable by being real and vulnerable.


As Told By Tiffany has been well received and she was recently featured in Elle Magazine’s Style Edit section. Tiffany hopes to grow it into a publication and business that offers consultancy services to brands and individuals.

And for herself, she says, “I hope to grow to become what God has destined me to be”. Tiffany gave this bit advice on how we can all move towards our destinies: “Go for it! Do the presentation, send that email. DM the company, introduce yourself to that person. A lot of the times we’re so afraid and don’t realise that those fears are one-sided perceptions… Look at rejection as one step closer to the right door being opened”.

I want to be remembered as someone that was kind and encouraged people to live to their full potential.

Check out her great work, it’s definitely one for the bookmarks! All the best Tiffany.

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