Tsheko Mosito: Promoting plant-based living

This is Tsheko Mosito whose passion for cooking with whole plant-based foods sparked the idea for eco-friendly company Kokonati. While researching minimalism and healthy living she learned that villages in countries like Indonesia used coconut shells as food bowls. And so the idea to launch Kokonati in South Africa was born.

Kokonati sells bowls made from the shells of organic coconuts, while the remaining pieces of coconut shells are used to create coconut wooden spoons. The bowls are ethically harvested, free from chemicals and are safe for use with a variety of meals.


The Joburg-based company’s products are sold all over Africa and there are plans to expand the product range as it continues to grow. Tsheko’s hopes for Kokonati are that it not only encourages an abundant lifestyle but that the coconut bowl brings home the idea that happiness can come from the simplest, smallest things.

I believe a happy, healthy and full life is everyone’s birth right and I hope that our brand can get that message across and broaden the ideal of what it means to be happy with the simplest of things like simple meals, family time and listening to what are hearts and souls are truly yearning for.

Get in touch with them on Instagram @Kokonati_ or email kokonati.africa@gmail.com to place an order. Tsheko, we at Slay Nation love your eco-friendly business and everything it stands for. May you flourish further!

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