Tshwanelo Ntshudisene: Curating the perfect gift

Meet 24-year-old Tshwanelo Ntshudisene, MC, media and entertainment junkie and the brains behind Marble Rose and Yvega Communications. Marble Rose offers curated gifting and concierge services, while Yvega provides communications solutions in the eventing space.


Tshwanelo says Marble Rose is all about creating unique experiences tailored to each individual and boxed with a passion to guarantee a smile on the face of the recipient. Her company has received rousing reviews from happy clients and she has seen the company grow steadily in the year since it launched.

Tshwanelo’s vision for Marble Rose is to see it become the biggest gifting service in South Africa and to incorporate more young black women into the business, teaching them the skills required to run their own businesses.

Passion is our driving force and we pride ourselves in the fact that we do not put all our clients in a box. We don’t just provide a service but we create unique tailored experiences for every individual.

She had this to say about getting started; “Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from achieving your dreams… Your idea can be the one thing the changes the world”. Tshwanelo you motivate us to Reach Higher!

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