Ziningi Ngcobo: Living and loving her life

Meet the effervescent Mpumalanga native Ziningi Ngcobo who is the marketing maestro for multimedia start-up Ngcobo Empire. Ziningi, who is also studying law, says it is marketing which is her first love.

The company, of which she is a founding member, promotes consciousness of the African identity through art and cultural traditions. Ngcobo Empire is based in Durban and its services include talent management, events coordination, and digital marketing.


In the long term future, we aspire to have our very own sports club, 24-hour TV channel, and a state of the art heritage museum.

Ziningi wants to be an advocate for women in business and continue to reinforce the ideas of generational wealth and economic emancipation.

As for Ngcobo Empire, they plan to be a major player in the art and entertainment industry in the coming years. Her parting words: “Everything happens in its own time. Patience is key.” And that is a woman who knows her power, we salute you, Zee!



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